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Petflox: For the health of your fish

Fish live continuously in their living water, whether this is an aquarium, fish pond or large lake. A constant water temperature and good oxygen balance are essential for their optimal condition.

Water pollution due to feces and sick animals can lead to bacterial infections and diseases, which reduces the resistance of fish. Therefore, it is important not only to keep the water temperature constant, but also to ensure sufficient oxygen and clean water.

Petflox supplies supplementary veterinary products specially designed for fish. These products support the health and resistance of fish, maintain optimal water quality and contribute to their well-being. Whether it concerns tropical fish in an aquarium or koi in a pond, Petflox offers solutions for a healthy and active life for your fish.

Benefits of Petflox Pro10

- Maintains water quality
- Improves health and hygiene
- Reduces disease risks
- Prevents mucus formation
- Keeps airways clean

Petflox Pro10: purification and conditioning of drinking water

Petflox Pro10 offers every animal, from young to old, a protected, healthy and active life. This food-safe gel contains 4.9% oxygen water and vitamins B6 and B12. Pro10 is 100% natural, environmentally friendly and completely biodegradable.

How does Pro10 work?

When added to drinking water, Pro10 gradually dissolves, releasing oxygen water and vitamins B6 and B12.

This process:

- Purifies the water
- Maintains water quality
- Improves health and hygiene
- Reduces the risk of diseases
- Prevents mucus formation
- Keeps the airways clean

Use Petflox Pro10 to promote the health and well-being of your animals.

Petflox is a premium animal brand that produces and supplies new products to protect the animal kingdom. Our products are 100% natural, ecologically friendly and biodegradable, without side effects. Petflox offers every animal a protected, healthy and active life.

Petflox Pro10 is available from your vet, agricultural store or specialist supplier. Petflox is a registered trademark and is produced in the Netherlands, where we strive for safe and sustainable handling of animals and the environment.

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