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Dalmatische Hond

Petflox products can be purchased from your veterinarian, animal specialty store, or agricultural store. Petflox is a registered trademark and is produced in the Netherlands.


Become a Reseller of Petflox Pro10

Expand your range with a premium product
Join the Petflox network as a reseller and differentiate your store with Pro10, a superior line of animal welfare products. No comparable products on the market - a unique opportunity for pet shops and agricultural stores.

Personalize your Brand
Offer Petflox with its own unique label and QR or barcode. We deliver directly to your stores or warehouse, with packaging that seamlessly matches your brand identity.

Professional Animal Care

Solutions for Major Consumers
Petflox Pro10 offers customized quantities and dosage options, ideal for animal caretakers , veterinarians , breeders and farmers. Choose manual dosing or automated drip systems for convenience and efficiency.

Please contact us

Be part of our success, curious about what Petflox can do for your company? Contact us and discover the benefits of becoming a Petflox.

Jelle Hoekman
Sales Manager Petflox

Petflox 1 litre.png
Petflox 500 ml.png
Petflox 250 ml.png

500 ml

250 ml

1 litre

Pro10 for small users

Petflox 20 liter.png
Petflox 10 liter.png
Petflox 5 liter.png

5 litres

10 litres

20 litres

Pro10 for heavy users

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